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Why have Vegetable and Mushroom Dishes at 4 Stones?

We make Vegetable flavourful and pair them with ones that we think goes well together, not randomly. We source quality produce both local and imported. For those who missed asian vegetable or trying them the first time, it is a good opportunity to try burdock root, bitter melon, mustard green, Taiwan lettuce, Gai Lan, Nappa Cabbage and more. 

How to get a bit of complimentary mustard green?

Choose Bento Combo.

As for mushroom, we create many interesting creations. You can even call them secret meat alternative that is not soy based which includes Deep-fried oyster mushroom (looks like chicken wing), or Assorted Mushroom on Hot Plate (imitates the Classic Chinese Delicacy~Asian Swamp Eel). 

*Allergy alert: dishes are made in a facility that process soy, egg, milk, honey, nuts, mushroom, gluten. Please contact our staff before ordering.