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Is everything Vegetarian at 4 Stones? 

Yes, everything is vegetarian in our place. We do not use or sell any meat or fish in our kitchen made dishes and grocery. We clearly lable each categories of Vegetarian~ovo-lacto vegetarian, lacto vegetarian, vegan.

What is the difference between Vegetarian and Vegan diet?

Vegetarian in general is cooking without killing any animal or fish. Ovo-lacto vegetarian allows the use of egg and milk. Lacto vegetarian allows the use of milk. Vegan is cooking without use of any animal by product egg, dairy milk & honey.

The concept is still evolving since people are becoming more aware about the environment and new beliefs are emerging from new awareness for example, plant-based diet.

At 4 Stones Vegetarian, we are gradually developing new dishes that would satisfy our customers coming from different background. 

In Taiwan why can't some Vegetarian eat garlic, onions or any vegetable from the allium family?

It is based on Buddhist belief that the five pungent vegetables such as onion and garlic are impure and clouds the mind. At 4 Stones we do not use any onion or garlic in the kitchen. However, some ingredients that is not made in our kitchen may come in contact with onion or garlic. Please contact if you have concerns.  

What is the Veg. Meat made out of in 4 Stones Vegetarian?

Our house made Veg. Meat Dishes are ovo-lacto vegetarian and are freshly made without artificial flavouring and preservatives. They are mostly made of soy protein, gluten. egg white powder and whey protein. The texture is firm and meaty. These product include Veg. Chicken, Veg. Beef, Veg. Beef Brisket, Veg. Meat Cutlet, Veg. Fish, Veg. Unagi, and Burdock & Veg. Meat. It takes us a long time to come up with product that we are happy with.

What is the Vegan Meats made out of in 4 Stones Vegetarian?

We are gradually developing more vegan or plant-based house made meat alternatives. The ingredients for our Vegan Meat Alternative includes soy protein, gluten, tofu, and beancurd. So far, they include, ground veg. meat sauce, treasure, tofu nugget, and vegan bean curd fish. On 2020 Earth Day, we launch a new product, the Vegan/Plant-based Meat used in the vegan bao, which is made from, soy protein, gluten, psyllium husk, tapioca starch. Like our classic meat alternatives we do not use artificial flavouring and preservatives. The texture is tender like tenderized meat. 

What style of food does 4 Stones Vegetarian serve?

Taiwanese Vegetarian comfort food with our own interpretation. We do not merely just imitate non-vegetarian food we create food that we think people will enjoy equally as much when they choose  Vegetarian for a meal. 

Why do you have grocery section at 4 Stones Vegetarian?

We want to make it easy for people to choose Vegetarian for their meal. Although for our kitchen food we want to use meat alternative made only at our facility, the production is limited. We like present customers with other choices of meat alternative ingredients they can use in their own home cooking. 

Why is the name 4 Stones Vegetarian?

People who knew us in Taiwan would solve this riddle right away. Because this is the number of Chinese character for stone contain in our owner's name, Lei Shih, 石磊. 4 Stones Vegetarian is started by the man with four stones in his name.  

Why did you start Vegetarian business?

Our owner/chef want to make unique good food. Period. We want to make good food vegetarian compassionately without sacrificing our standard. Dishes that our family really like before we sell to customers. The process of creating new dishes is long, exhausting, but exiting and that is what keep us going. We just want people when presenting with so many  other good choices (including non-vegetarian restaurant) out there would consider choosing Vegetarian for that meal. 

How long have this business been open?

In Taiwan, 10 years. Simply Vegetarian 10 years. And, 4 Stones Vegetarian 11 years and we keep going. 

Is this operation family owned? 

Yes. We will keep working to continue.