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Meat Alternative

What makes 4 Stones Meat Alternative special?

We make our meat alternatives from natural ingredients so that they go well with our house made sauce, which makes the taste of our dishes balanced and unique~without the use of any artificial meat flavour. Local freshly made meat alternative! 

Our Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian Meat Alternative are mostly made of soy protein, gluten. egg white powder and whey protein. The texture is firm and meaty.

The ingredients for our Vegan Meat Alternative includes soy protein, gluten, tofu, and beancurd. Our newly developed Vegan/Plant-based Meat used in the vegan bao is made from, soy protein, gluten, psyllium husk, tapioca starch. The texture is tender like tenderized meat. 

For those looking for meat alternatives made exclusively at 4 Stones Vegetarian, that's not beyond meat, omni-pork, or imported 

*Allergy alert: dishes are made in a facility that process soy, egg, milk, honey, nuts, mushroom, gluten. Please contact our staff before ordering.