Disposable containers and cutleries only for both take out and dine in. Pick up 10%off. Any order placed on this website is a pick up order with 10% discount already applied. Bag is not included. Please bring your own bag or you can purchase a bag at the counter. Thank you so much for your support.

Bento Combo

What is Bento?

Single portion take-out meal with compartment perfect for one person. Extremely popular in asian cuisine such as Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean and Southeast Asian where rice is the main staple food. 

Why have Bento at 4 Stones Vegetarian?

It is the most popular choice for our patrons because of its convenience and value. There are so many choices for entree section and you get a bit of mustard green and tofu in other section. You also get to choose white or brown rice without extra charge. You get to choose Chinese Herbal Soup or Pureéd Vegetable Soup.  

*Allergy alert: dishes are made in a facility that process soy, egg, milk, honey, nuts, mushroom, gluten. Please contact our staff before ordering.